Our history

Bringing people together, linking them together in the spirit of innovation and technology, has always been a concern of the founders of Alpinacom. Through many years of experience in the telecommunications industry and the detailed attention that we place on each customer as an individual, in due time, we noticed the development of a comprehensive market niche that, from a business point of view, was hardly addressed. A market that because of its size and rapid growth can sooner or later hardly be overlooked; the ethnic market. Whether it is in the telecommunications sector or in the field of financial services, it lacked products that people from different backgrounds responded to according to their extensive needs, nationally and internationally.

In 2010, Alpinacom GmbH was founded to build the largest ethnic distribution network in Austria and, thus, help people across national borders to connect with each other at a minimal cost. In addition, it is a matter of concern to us to accomplish the international money transfer most unbureaucratically and cost-effectively; a demand by our customers, which we satisfy by means of our attractive products. Within a very short time, we succeeded in this way through our many years of know-how and the objectives we set ourselves continuously to stay in touch with the customer to build a multi-million dollar market and to a large extent tap into the ethnic market.

Today, Alpinacom supplies this market with all Austrian vouchers and phone cards as well as Internet payment products. Initially run as a wholesale company with small-and medium-sized enterprises as a target group, since 2011, we also offer the diversified product range with ladebon.at, ladebon.de and ladebon.ch to our end customer throughout Austria. Additionally, Alpinacom managed to market its own SIM-cards product yooopi! with more than 100.000 customers it is one of the fastest growing suppliers. yooopi! is a prepaid card product allowing the customer unlimited cost-effective phone calls and is now sold throughout Austria at more than 6,000 outlets! Today, yooopi! is the undisputed number 1 in this area!

In the financial services sector, we are also one of the leading suppliers represented by our procash product. This is based on a prepaid credit card and enables people living in Austria to make international transfers of money to relatives, friends and business colleagues. Our greatest strengths are our innovative capabilities, our high sensitivity as well as our future visions for this market. Thus, at the moment, further products are being developed that will surely dominate the Austro-ethnic market. Today, Alpinacom has a multi-million turnover and a highly dedicated and motivated team of more than 10 people!